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EACi has established R&D greenhouses in the Arava Research and Development Center in Israel.


The first is the EnviroDome® Energy-Saving Greenhouse, but without the wall (see Greenhouse Section for more design details). The purpose is to investigate the most suitable, economic, and environmentally friendly materials for the wall to maximize heat absorption during the day and redistribution of heat into the greenhouse in the cold of the night.

The second greenhouse is the EnviroDome® Ventilation Greenhouse System, a tunnel structure with improved ventilation capacity suitable for hot areas. This greenhouse structure is characterized by modular flexibility, which enables adaptation to all crop and weather conditions.

The Arava region has unique geographic and climate features, creating opportunities and challenges for farmers. The region has extreme arid conditions, characterized by hot summer temperature and high solar radiation throughout the year, which is a significant challenge to local growers. However, along with 50-years of settlement in this region, the local farmers, along with the local agricultural R&D center, have made a breakthrough in the application of commercial agriculture under hyper-arid conditions.


Throughout the years the R&D developed a methodology of crop optimization in any condition. The pipeline from the introduction of a new crops to commercial application of the farmers, is fast. Thus, the Arava is a successful example for rural communities whose livelihood is based on export oriented agricultural production.

ARAVA R&D center
EnviroDome® in ARAVA Center 1
EnviroDome® in ARAVA Center 2
EnviroDome® in ARAVA Center 3
EnviroDome® in ARAVA Center 4
EnviroDome® in ARAVA Center 5
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