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EnviroDome® Agri-Solar greenhouse
EnviroDome® solar ventilation 1
PVT on EnviroDome® greenhouse 1
PVT on EnviroDome® greenhouse 2
EnviroDome® solar ventilation 2
EnviroDome® solar ventilation 3

EnviroDome® Energy Saving Integrated Agricultural Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Greenhouse is a patented system is a combination of photovoltaic electric power production and an agricultural greenhouse where the system can improve the photovoltaic efficiency of the traditional crystalline silicon panel while the by-product (hot water) is applied to the greenhouse to improve the efficiency of agricultural production.


Additionally, the special structure of the greenhouse and the photovoltaic supporting structure are designed in such a way that the photovoltaic panels do not adversely affect the light in the greenhouse so that any crops preferring full-sunlight can be planted in the EnviroDome® Integrated Agricultural Photovoltaic Greenhouse. The EnviroDome® Agri-Solar Greenhouse System can adapted for a variety of applications.

EnviroDome® Ventilation solar greenhouses are built in groups of three in order to better utilization of solar energy production which is loaded in to batteries for use in the greenhouse.


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