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PVT Technology 1
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PVT hot water system
PVT pannels

PVT Technology is the most efficient solar system in the world!
The hybrid PVT system is patented Photovoltaic PV system and a thermal system (T) that enables the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy (PV) and to generate thermal energy (T) at the same time through a single integrated system in a flat solar collector. PV cells that are cooled by water can provide up to 30% more annual electricity production than a regular PV system under the equivalent hot climatic conditions. The combined PVT creates this advantage by preventing the degradation of the efficiency of ordinary PV cells caused by excessive heat (a negative heat coefficient of half a percent for each degree of heat in all conventional
photovoltaicpanels / collectors). The thermal efficiency of PVT panels system reaches up to 70% (70% water). With an additional 15% efficiency of electricity.


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