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EACi provides customers access to a myriad of cultivation technologies that are readily integrated into projects based on customer needs, market demands, and other contextual factors. Utilizing and maximizing cultivation technology is a key component of the Total Solution. Below are some examples of our cultivation technology.


Filtration, Irrigation & Fertigation

With over 20 years of industry leading experience, EACi curtails filtration, irrigation, and fertigation technologies for each project (open field or protected area cultivation) with various requirements for control systems, automation, and varying degrees of water quality.


Growing Systems

EACi provides a variety of growing systems including soil-less, hydroponic, vertical growing and other substrate blends designed for various crops.


Crop and Soil Nutrient Management

EACi provides customers with over 24 distinct fertilizers and biological fertilizers for fruits and vegetables, which serves as the foundation for comprehensive nutrient management planning.

greenhouse equipment
greenhouse equipment
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