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Venlo Greenhouse 1
Venlo Greenhouse 2
Venlo Greenhouse 3
Venlo Greenhouse 4
Venlo Greenhouse 5
Venlo Greenhouse 6
Venlo Greenhouse 7
Venlo Greenhouse 8
Venlo Greenhouse 9

EACi’s Venlo greenhouse systems are uniquely designed for each project to provide the most optimal technology application necessary for achieving the project’s goals. EACi’s galvanized steel glass greenhouse structures are extremely durable and allow for high light yields.  


EAC’s Venlo greenhouse designs embody all necessary functions of precision agriculture for any diverse application, including fruit and vegetable production, flower production, landscaping plants, nursery, or any other client requirement. The various technological system furnishings are also designed uniquely for each project to take into account the environmental factors, project goals, and market demands.


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