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EnviroDome® in Vietnam 1
EnviroDome® in Vietnam 2
EnviroDome® in Vietnam 3
EnviroDome® in Vietnam 4
EnviroDome® in Vietnam 5
EnviroDome® in Vietnam 6

The EnviroDome® demonstration farm, located in Hanoi, was designed to maintain an optimal growing environment despite a harsh environment with direct-sun summer temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius.


Currently, the main purpose of the Vietnam demonstration farm is to capture cultivation data that will allow EACi to provide a Total Solution package as well as stimulate more scientific cultivation techniques among local farmers.


EACi’s future efforts in Vietnam will focus on the growth of our marketing department and strategy. However, we will also be hiring agronomists and keeping the EnviroDome® greenhouse in a healthy production stage. EAC, EACi and Kingenta are committed to supporting the initiative in Vietnam.

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