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EnviroDome® in Ghana 1
EnviroDome® in Ghana 2
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Cotvet Project

The Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) is a national body set up by an Act of Parliament of the Republic of Ghana to co-ordinate and oversee all aspects of technical and vocational education and training in the country. COTVET partnered with EACi for part of this initiative to provide sustainable, labor market oriented vocational training for the agricultural sector by using the EnviroDome® Greenhouse System. 


Ghana National Agricultural Revitalization Project
The project in Kade, completed in 2013, is located at the Ghana Agricultural University. EACi signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ghana Agricultural University to introduce the EnviroDome® greenhouse technology, cultivation techniques, and bio control technology to Ghana. Through this cooperation, EACi provides EnviroDome® greenhouses, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural materials, while also providing technical training.


Ghana’s Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade and the President's Office issued an experimental report indicating that the EnviroDome®  Greenhouse System provided the best crop growth environment with low operating costs, easy operation, and the most cost-effective solution. Based on this report, the Ghanaian government decided that the National Agricultural Renewal Program, officially launched in 2014, would use the EnviroDome® series of greenhouse as the only production facility. 


Kade Agricultural Research Center – CENTER OF EXCELLENCE
Ghana University School of Agriculture is one of the specialized entities in the University impacting national agricultural development through quality teaching, research and extension, and integrating system-wide innovations to realize tangible and practical results. EACi’s strategic cooperation includes partnering with the School of Agriculture to provide world class educational opportunities to students.

YES - Ghana Project

Established in 2001, the Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES-Ghana) is an ECOSOC-accredited NGO at the forefront of youth development policy, practice and research in Ghana. 
YES-Ghana delivers training for youth in essential skills for succeeding in wage and self-employment, including building young people’s capacity for business development, and equipping them with employable skills.


EACi and YES cooperated to provide over 70 EnviroDome® Systems for training and entrepreneurial incubation for Ghana’s youth.

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