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EnviroDome® in Maldives 1
EnviroDome® in Maldives 2
EnviroDome® in Maldives 3
EnviroDome® in Maldives 4
EnviroDome® in Maldives 5
EnviroDome® in Maldives 6

EACi’s customer, BluBridge, is a U.S.A.-based mariculture corporation with sea cucumber hatchery operations in Maldives and sales/distribution in China.  Luxurious Maldives was chosen to grow premium quality Bech-de-mer (sea cucumber) for its crystal clean waters, pure white sand, and its world-renown aura as the finest, first-class destination for tourists, most of which are Chinese.


For phase 1, EACi designed an EnviroDome® greenhouse to optimize the hatchery cultivation environment requirements, namely temperature, humidity and light exposure, while ensuring protection from the elements and pests. Additionally, the uniquely designed hatchery ensures minimal operating costs to achieve the highest level of environmental control.

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