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On November 5th 2017 Eisenberg Agri (Israel) Company Limited (EACi) hosted a senior delegation from Linyi in Shandong province in China and senior management from Kingenta.

The objectives of the delegation visit are twofold:

  • To exploit the future opportunity to further bilateral agriculture cooperation with Israel at government level

  • To present and discuss with the ministry’s senior management the KINGFARM project, and the possibility of Israel’s participation in it.


  • Kingenta Management:

Wan Lianbu - President of Kingenta.

Zhai Jidong - VP of Kingenta.

Ding Guiqiang - Director of Kingenta.

  • Government of Linyi:

Ms. Cheng Xuewen - interpreter, Section Chief of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Linyi Municipal.

Mr. Li Genshen - Bureau of Economy Trade and Information Technology of Linshu County.

Mr. Wang Zongqing - Deputy Director of Linyi Commerce Bureau.

Mr. Zhang Jian - Director of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Linyi.

Mr. Liu Fei - Chief of Linshu County.

Ms. Zhang Hongwei - Deputy Secretary of Linyi Municipal Committee.

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