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Kingenta Sino-Israeli modern agricultural science and technology demonstration project

Kingenta Sino-Israeli demonstration project

Kingenta Sino-Israeli modern agricultural science and technology demonstration project is located at Linshu in the zhenggoutou village, with a total area of 500 mu (333 Dunam, 82.3 Acre) Planning period from year 2016 to 2018, two phases construction operations, the first phase of construction as the forerunner area, northern seedling plants mainly include intelligence, creative agriculture experience area, introduction new varieties , demonstration area, garden management center, the concept of green infrastructure fruit picking garden and related supporting facilities, etc.; Phase ii construction as the standardization production demonstration area in the south, mainly including the standardization production of fruits, vegetables, flowers and farmers training center construction, etc. The project is expected to invest ¥220 million. The current phase I project is under construction. The specific progress is as follows: 14 unit's EnviroDome® energy-saving automatic control greenhouse, 8 units EnviroDome® ventilation greenhouse, 2units glass intelligent greenhouse and 1 unit color spectrum greenhouse. In the fruit trees zone, small apple trees, large cherry, cherry, peach, pear, plum, apricot, hawthorn, persimmon, and pomegranate and so on. Purpose of project 1. Israeli agricultural facilities and applied technology demonstration base 2. Produce and demonstration vegetable base with the European Union and kosher standard 3. Israel demonstration base of precision agriculture management pattern 4. Different conditions (soil borne disease, fertilizer) planting technology base 5. Different crops and nutritional formula technology base 6. Kingenta crop solutions show and training base

sino-israel greenhouse system

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