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Sino-Israeli Agri-tech Ecological City is in the Yellow River Delta Region of Shandong Province,  China. EACi partnered with EAC as the general contractor for the master plan, regulatory planning and site planning of Sino-Israeli Agri-tech Ecological City. The project is the implementation of a cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel and Shandong Provincial government in front of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chinese vice Premier Mme. Liu Yandong, in March of 2016.


In 2015, the Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone of the Yellow River Delta Region was approved by China State Counsel, which made it the highest national level Agriculture High-tech Demonstration Zone in China of the 21st century.


Arava R&D Center in Shandong

In addition to the planning phase, EACi facilitated the signing of a cooperation agreement for agricultural research and development in the Sino-Israeli Agri-tech Ecological City. The main focus of the cooperation agreement is to establish an Arava R&D Center in the Sino-Israeli City specifically to partner with EACi, Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group, and the Shandong Provincial Government Department of Science and Technology in order to develop solutions to significant agricultural challenges facing the Yellow River Delta region and other areas in China, namely poor soil fertility due to high pH levels and salt deposits. 


Shandong Province is one of the largest agriculture provinces in China known for being at the forefront of advanced agricultural science and technology.


Kingenta is a leading Chinese high-tech enterprise operating in high-end solutions for crops. As such, Kingenta is devoted to R&D, and the production and marketing of specialty fertilizers including compound fertilizers (CF), slow/controlled-release fertilizers (SCRF), water soluble fertilizer (WSF) and other advanced solutions.


Established in 1986, Arava R&D Center in Israel specializes in seven different sectors, including vegetables, ornamentals, plant-protection, orchards, organic agriculture, analytical procedures and produce quality. Research and development materializes in state of the art facilities and transferred to farmers' sites throughout the implementation program.

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